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Interactive tree of George IRBY III Baron Boston

Rachel Fanny Anne IRBY 18361909
Augustus Arthur VANSITTART 18241882
George Florance IRBY VIth Baron Boston 18601941
Rt Hon Cecilia Constance IRBY 18701938
Hon Evelyn Augusta IRBY 18871970
Greville Northey IRBY VIIth Baron Boston 18891958
Cecil Eustace IRBY 18971972
Capt Cecil Saumarez IRBY Hon 18621935
Florence Augusta UPTON-COTTRELL-DORMER 18691947
Alice Fanny Catherine IRBY 1863
George Frederick DEEDES 1933
Esme Frances Sylvia IRBY 19011959
Evan George Charles CAVNDISH OBE 18911955
Gilbert Neville Smyth IRBY 18641940
Esme EDWARDS 18631946
Winifred Mary IRBY O B E 18711933
Sir Harry Hamilton JOHNSTON 18581927
Evelyn Maud Mary IRBY 18751876
Florance George Henry IRBY Vth Baron Boston 18371877
Baroness Augusta Caroline SAUMAREZ 18391929
Baroness Alice Frederica IRBY 18391896
John Wingfield MALCOLM 1st Baron Poltalloch 18331902
Maud Caroline IRBY 18621873
Dorothy Gwenddolen IRBY 18651865
George Ives IRBY IVth Baron Boston 18021869
Fanny Elizabeth HOPKINS-NORTHEY 18051860
Caroline Amelia SAUMAREZ 18411922
Rachel Emily IRBY 18051873
William Jones PROWSE
William Drake IRBY 18081839
Earl of Orkney George William Hamilton FITZMAURICE 18271889
Amelia 18121890
Lady Mary Constance Hamilton FITZMAURICE 19031950
Edmund Walter FITZMAURICE 18671951
Constance Macdonald GILCHRIST 18651946
Henry Warrender FITZMAURICE 18281875
Sarah Jane ROOSE
Frederick O'Brien FITZMAURICE 1830
Charles Gilbert FITZMAURICE 1831
Lady Isabella Luisa Elizabeth FITZMAURICE 1832
Alexander Temple FITZMAURICE 18341894
James Campbell Ouseley FITZMAURICE 18661949
Gertrude Franklin BURY 1870
Sibyl Henrietta HARVEY 18731949
Harriet Marcia Jane FITZMAURICE 18631933
Hamilton Richard BOYLE 1848
Isabella Annie FITZMAURICE 18651948
Sir Frederic Robert ST JOHN 18311923
Aimee Edith Emily FITZMAURICE 18661890
Major General David George Levinge SHAW 1930
Mabel Madeline Rhoda FITZMAURICE 18781934
Capt. Arthur FLETCHER
Capt James Terence FITZMAURICE 18351917
Frances Rhoda OUSELEY 18271907
Hon Eleanor PALAIRET 18481913
Lady Emily Charlotte FITZMAURICE 18361910
Lady Maria Louisa FITZMAURICE 18371917
Edmund Robert SPEARMAN 18381918
Countess Charlotte Isabella IRBY 18071883
Earl Thomas John Hamilton FITZMAURICE 18031877
Edward Methuen IRBY 18121812
Hon Frances Matilda IRBY 18101879
Horatio George HUSSEY 18461902
Algernon Edward Frederick Thomas HUSSEY 1849
Frederica Maria Louisa IRBY 18141885
Edward Horatio HUSSEY 18071876
Hon. Georgina Albinia IRBY 18161900
Capt Douglas Walter Joseph Caulfeild PRATT 18531888
Capt Gerald George Caulfeild PRATT 18551934
Cyril Caulfeild PRATT 1857
The Hon Catherine Cecilia IRBY 18171894
Hon Col Walter Caulfeild PRATT 1819
Charlotte Augusta IRBY 18681949
Edward Neil BAYNES 18611951
Rt Hon Cecilia Constance IRBY 18701938
George Florance IRBY VIth Baron Boston 18601941
Augustus Anthony Frederick IRBY 18201870
Hon Jessie Augusta CUNNINGHAME 18331908
Rev Llewellyn Charles Robert IRBY 18221911
Margaret Emily BULLOCK 18201913
Eleanor Rose IRBY 18251825
George IRBY III Baron Boston 17771856
Rachel Ives DRAKE 17821830
Frederick IRBY 17491825
Christiana METHUEN 17501832
William IRBY 17071775
Albinia SELWYN 17191769
Edward IRBY
Dorothy PAGETT
Paul METHUEN MP 17271795
Christian COBB 17291779
Sir George COBB
William DRAKE MP 17481795
Rachel Elizabeth IVES 17611784
Mary HUSSEY 17541778
William DRAKE 17241796
Elizabeth RANWORTH 17251757
Montague Gerrard DRAKE 16921728
Isabella MARSHALL 16931744
Jeremiah IVES