John CURWOOD, 17711847 (aged 76 years)

Birth 1771
Religious marriageJane BERROWView this family
January 6, 1814 (aged 43 years)
Barrister Oxford circ sp pl London, Middx and Westminster Sessions

Birth of a daughterElizabeth Anne CURWOOD
February 28, 1815 (aged 44 years)
Baptism of a daughterElizabeth Anne CURWOOD
July 6, 1815 (aged 44 years)
Birth of a daughterConstance CURWOOD
December 19, 1816 (aged 45 years)
Baptism of a daughterConstance CURWOOD
February 5, 1817 (aged 46 years)
Birth of a daughterIsabelle CURWOOD
July 29, 1819 (aged 48 years)
Baptism of a daughterIsabelle CURWOOD
September 1, 1819 (aged 48 years)
British King
George III
from October 25, 1760 to January 29, 1820 (aged 49 years)

Death of a daughterIsabelle CURWOOD
June 1820 (aged 49 years)

Burial of a daughterIsabelle CURWOOD
June 12, 1820 (aged 49 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Berrow CURWOOD
July 30, 1821 (aged 50 years)
Baptism of a sonJohn Berrow CURWOOD
August 21, 1821 (aged 50 years)
Birth of a sonReginald CURWOOD
1823 (aged 52 years)

Birth of a sonCapel Augustus CURWOOD
January 21, 1826 (aged 55 years)
Baptism of a sonCapel Augustus CURWOOD
February 28, 1826 (aged 55 years)
British King
George IV
from January 29, 1820 to June 26, 1830 (aged 59 years)

Death of a sonReginald CURWOOD
1833 (aged 62 years)

British King
William IV
from June 26, 1830 to June 20, 1837 (aged 66 years)

Marriage of a childGeorge LEJEUNEConstance CURWOODView this family
1839 (aged 68 years)

Marriage of a childCapel Augustus CURWOODCharlotte Rogers HARRISONView this family
January 30, 1847 (aged 76 years)
British Queen
from June 20, 1837 to January 22, 1901 (on the date of death)

Death March 31, 1847 (aged 76 years)
Note: Daughter Constance Le Jeune present at death
Burial 1847 (0 after death)
Address: Grave Ref: /Cons/3186
Family with Jane BERROW
Birth: 1771London
Death: March 31, 1847Burroughs, Hendon
Birth: 1786 30 30St Vincent, W Indies
Death: September 1872Chelsea
Religious marriage Religious marriageJanuary 6, 1814St Peters Chapelry, Besford (linked to St James, Defford) Worcestershire
14 months
22 months
Birth: December 19, 1816 45 30Chancery Lane
Death: August 16, 1907
3 years
Birth: July 29, 1819 48 33Chancery Lane
Death: June 1820
2 years
Birth: July 30, 1821 50 35Chancery Lane
2 years
3 years
Birth: January 21, 1826 55 4024 Chancery Lane
Death: April 27, 1884Bethlem Royal Hospital, Lambeth Surrey

Daughter Constance Le Jeune present at death

Shared note

Living City of London, St Dunstan 1814. Living 11 Clifford Inn,St Dunstan in the West City of London 1841Extract from the Proceedings at the Old Bailey 1827JOHN CURWOOD, ESQ. I am a barrister, and live at No. 24,Chancery-lane, in the Liber ty of the Rolls; it is my dwellinghouse, and is in the County of Middlesex. I came to town on the22d of January, and went into my library that evening; I saw mymahogany desk in its usual place there, and, I think, I saw thetravelling desk in the window, where it usually stands - in thetravelling desk was a small red silk purse, with a steel clasp;it had been made by my daughter's governess, and given to me; ithad been in my desk ever since my return from the circuit - Inever carried it in my pocket, but it was regularly kept in mycircuit desk, and I was quite familiar with it; the mahoganywriting-desk cost me three or four guineas. ans was in a perfectgood state - it was worth 30s. or 40s.; there was a goldmourning-ring in it, worth, I suppose, as the value of the gold,half a guinea; a silver-gilt vinageret, worth 10s.; two unsettopaz stones, which I brought from Lisbon, and, I should think,were worth 2l. - these were in a small secret drawer in thedesk; there were also four portraits of friends at the Bar,worth 10s. they cost 30s. - there were several triflingarticles, my private papers, and family accounts, and a banker'scheque-book in the same desk. The travelling desk was locked,and the key of it was in the mahogany desk